Personal Productivity Studio [Notion Template]

Marcus Cheu
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Helping You Be Productive & Own Your Life

Are you overwhelmed with all your responsibilities in life? Balancing your career, health, partner, social life... feels like too much to handle at times, doesn't it?

We totally understand how overwhelming it can get. Having balanced multiple side hustles with full-time careers and suffering from multiple burnouts, we developed this Personal Productivity Studio which has helped us stay organised and productive with our life.

What You Can Expect:

  • A digital management system built on the Second Brain principles
  • A task and project management system that automatically prioritises your key action items
  • A knowledge management system that includes a quick information capture workflow
  • Lifetime access to future updates and improvements

What You'll Get:

  • 1x Action Studio (to help you with your daily action items)
  • 1x Knowledge Studio (to help you capture and organise important information)
  • 6x Databases
  • >20 Personalised Views (to help you achieve maximal productivity)
  • Onboarding Guide

Get Started with a Simple 3-Step Process:

  1. Download this template and duplicate it to your Notion workspace
  2. Read the quick onboarding prompts or watch the onboarding videos
  3. Integrate the system into your daily workflow and own your life productively!

Not having a proper life management system will not only result in you feeling lost, but may cause further mental anxiety and slow down your progress.

With this Personal Productivity Studio, you can finally stay organised, be productive, and be in control of your life.

Want to start owning your life? Download the template now.

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Personal Productivity Studio [Notion Template]

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